Things you need to know before buying an iPad [ep 24]

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Whenever I mention using iPad for reading music, I always get a lot of questions about the apps that I use, the best screen size, memory needed, and any of the accessories that one could get (or not).

In today’s video I’m answering all these questions (and more)!

I am also going to to share some advice on how to make this big purchase more affordable, so if you’re on a tight budget but are really tempted to get an iPad – this is the video for you!

I will certainly not tell you to get the biggest and most expensive model. And neither I will try to convince you that all the accessories available out there are “absolutely essential”. Instead, I will help you find out what are your priorities and decide what to look for!

If you’re curious about the apps that I use for reading music, check out the previous episode where I show you how to use ForScore for marking music on an iPad.

Watch the video

Time stamps for this episode

0:27 My iPad
0:38 Screen size
2:17 WiFi + cellular?
2:44 Memory
3:55 Discounts
4:27 Apps: Forscore
5:20 Apps: Genius Scan
5:34 Apple Pencil
6:56 Apple Care
7:23 Case
8:27 Stand?
9:33 Page turner

My iPad is an iPad Pro (bought in December 2018), with:

  • 12.9 inch screen
  • 256GB of memory
  • WiFi only

Do let me know in the comments – are you thinking about getting an iPad? Or if you have one already – is there anything you wished you knew about them?

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