Memorising so fast you don’t get to practise reading music on the harp? [ep 34]
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Are you worried that because you memorise new pieces quickly you don’t get to practise reading notes on the harp? Or maybe reading music takes so much time that you stop looking at the score and start playing from memory? … Read More

Why do you play worse in lessons (and what can you do)? – Coffee Break Harp 5 – LIVE episode
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Why you can play a piece from start to finish perfectly at home, only to stumble in the very first bar once you’re in a lesson with your teacher? What happened with all the hours that you put into practice? … Read More

Coffee Break Harp 3 – Mental Practice
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Have you ever found yourself in need of practice, without a harp? Travelling abroad? All practice rooms taken? Needed to memorise a piece quickly, but not time to play? Or perhaps you injured yourself and couldn’t practise? Try mental practice! … Read More

Hear, feel, see… and memorise the music
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Have you ever thought about your preferred way for memorising music? What comes easiest to you – remembering the melody of the piece? The finger movements? Or perhaps at the end of your practice you realise that the image of … Read More