Why do you play worse in lessons (and what can you do)? – Coffee Break Harp 5 – LIVE episode
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Why you can play a piece from start to finish perfectly at home, only to stumble in the very first bar once you’re in a lesson with your teacher? What happened with all the hours that you put into practice? … Read More

Coffee Break Harp 3 – Mental Practice
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Have you ever found yourself in need of practice, without a harp? Travelling abroad? All practice rooms taken? Needed to memorise a piece quickly, but not time to play? Or perhaps you injured yourself and couldn’t practise? Try mental practice! … Read More

Hear, feel, see… and memorise the music
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Have you ever thought about your preferred way for memorising music? What comes easiest to you – remembering the melody of the piece? The finger movements? Or perhaps at the end of your practice you realise that the image of … Read More