How to use ForScore and iPad when reading SHEET MUSIC on the harp? [ep 23]

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Even though I LOVE all things paper (I could leave a small fortune in a stationery shop), and my creative side also gets a lot more to say when I’m using pen and paper – when marking music it can go into some kind of a crazy overdrive mode and make my scores (and even worse – my students’ scores!) rather messy. And I don’t know about you, but when I cannot trust what I see on the page, playing the harp gets so much more stressful!

It will be almost 2 years since I got my iPad (after quite a few years of dreaming about it!). Long before I got it I knew that it would be helpful for what I do at the harp. But it turned out to be absolutely INVALUABLE and now I just can’t imagine working without it anymore!


And so in today’s episode I show you how I work with my iPad when playing, teaching, reading and marking up the music.

You will see me using the ForScore app for:

  • applying fingering markings
  • getting better view of a score in larger print
  • drawing perfectly straight brackets (my inner perfectionist is content at last!)
  • sharing my music with others
  • using stamps function to “reprint” the music for enharmonic changes
  • colouring the notes
  • organising my music collection… and making sure it’s safely backed up!

I also share my tips for using ForScore for practising reading music and making sight reading more fun – make sure you check this part out!

If you’re looking to get an iPad, make sure to check out the episode where I’m talking about the things you need to know before buying an iPad.

Watch the video

Time stamps for this episode

0:28 Fingerings, brackets and sharing files
2:40 Drawing staves
3:21 Cleaning up your score
4:10 Enharmonic changes
5:24 Stamps
5:52 Learning to read music?
6:34 Improving your sight reading
7:32 Tags and organising your music
8:33 Enlarging and cropping
9:25 Back up

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