How to revive an old piece? Watch my practice! [ep 60]

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Have you ever thought about reviving any of your old pieces?

If you ever tried doing this, you may have noticed that even pieces that you once completed can start feeling rusty after a longer break. Sometimes it may feel like you’re learning them again from scratch… which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Beginner’s mind

In fact, approaching an old piece as if you were learning it for the first time is one of the best things you can do – and if you remember about a few small tweaks you will be able to get it up to speed in no time.

In today’s Coffee Break Harp I’m letting you have a sneak peek into my practice so you can see how I go about revising one of my own old pieces: Nocturne by Glinka.


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Practice strategies

You will get to see my practice strategies for revising patterns and placing, as well as some of the tactics I use for making my pedal changes more reliable.

While I did make some cuts to this video (and I’m not going to make you listen to all the repetitions of each of the tiny sections), I tried to keep this episode as real as possible… which means it’s still a little bit longer than your usual Coffee Break Harp.

So if you’re watching it on your coffee break, make sure to get yourself a nice big cup!

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