Learning the harp on your own? How you can keep progressing [ep 59]

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Learning to play any instrument can feel like that at times. And even if you’re more on the introvert side (like me!), when you learn to play the harp on your own and it’s just you and your instrument, you may feel like you’re losing your inspiration after a while.

That’s why in today’s episode I want to show you how you can get more support and inspiration (without paying for any extra lessons!).


3 videos, 15 minutes of your time, one big change to how you look at your harp music!

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Your support circle

As much as your friends and family are there for you to listen, they may not be able to understand everything that you’d like to share with them. Maybe they don’t know what it’s like to feel nervous when you play for someone, or why working on one of your pieces feels frustrating, and also – why do you even keep working on something that makes you feel frustrated in the first place!

Also because the harp is so different from other instruments, and I personally think that there are many aspects that make harp more challenging, some of these things may be really hard to explain if you talk to a non-harpist.

Someone who is in a similar place on this journey, maybe even at a similar level to yours, will be more understanding about how you feel, because they are right there, just like you, so to say – right in the trenches!

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if you feel that working out the notes takes a lot of your time, make sure you check out this video training for harpists who want to learn music with confidence. You will learn about one simple mind shift that helps you understand the connection between the treble and bass clef and read music faster while playing hands together.

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Have you heard about practice buddies before?

If sharing your harp goals feels like a good idea, join my community of harpists who want to keep learning.

Every Monday there’s a space to share our plans for the week, and then to update others about your progress (if you wish to). Harpists of all levels are welcome – a beginner’s mind helps though to stay open to new ideas!