5 tips for navigating bass clef challenges

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If you feel like bass clef is a struggle and takes so much longer to work out than the treble clef… it may be that you’re doing all the right things, but the way harp music is written doesn’t always make it easy!

Why is it hard?

On the harp, right hand part written in the treble clef often involves more notes. This means we need to spend more time practising it. Therefore, naturally we learn to recognise the notes in the treble clef more quickly.

Two systems?

Your both hands find themselves on the opposite sides of the harp when we play. This may make it seem as if they are completely separated. Two staves in the score make this feeling even stronger.

However, when you are aware of the connection between the two you will realise that they belong to one system. And this makes a HUGE difference when you want to play hands together!

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