Live no 13: Dynamics on the Harp

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Today’s topic is DYNAMICS!
Why today’s topic?
– two approaches to dynamics
– dynamics vs playing hands together
– boxes to “tick off” before you start working on the dynamics
– when you can (or even should!) add them straight away

Questions from viewers
– how to make harp sound loud without sounding rough?
– how to play quietly without going too soft?

And why ARTICULATION is the answer to both
– articulation in the context of finger/hand/arm movements: I was talking about this a bit more in Live no 9

Tips on practising dynamics when you get to them
– sustaining the dynamic level you’re on
– planning your crescendo’s and diminuendo’s
– practising sudden changes

About today’s piece – I am playing:
“Charlotte in Spring” by Fiona Clifton-Welker from “Harping on” vol. 1, which you can purchase here 
Music (from 20’05”)
What to do if you are going to play this piece in an exam or concert
– order of pieces
– taking time
– why articulation matters so much here, also for your confidence

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