Live no 9: Placing three fingers

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Today we’re going to talk about playing with – and placing – three fingers, and…

 answering questions from viewers:

Q: Lifting the arms off after coming off the strings: how to best enhance the sound of the harp?
Q: How to develop strength in fingers when beginning to play the harp?


When it comes to placing, we will mention quite a few points from the last week, so if you haven’t seen the exercises for 2 fingers, watch them here

Exercises from the First Harp Book – with a twist! The book can be bought here.


First piece – “Somersaults” by Bonnie Goodrich (from 13’08”)

How thinking of your hand as a cookie cutter will help you with placing 🍪


Second piece – “Sur le Pont d’Avignon” (from 17’47”)

In this piece you’ll get to work on…
directional placing, also known as the golden rule of placing
– working out how coloured strings can help you


If you want to skip some technical issues which happened at the beginning, fast forward to 2’10” (unless you want to see me playing around with some cables!).

Next week we will be talking about PEDALS – and pedal ethiquette See you on Friday!

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