Live 17 – Looking beyond the bar lines and “Suo Gân”

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📣 Important info #1! “Suo Gân” is available only until 8:00 pm this Sunday (23rd August 2019). CLICK HERE to leave your email and download it along with all extra materials. After that it won’t be available for until late September, when you will be able to get it from the new shop on my website.
📣 Important info #2! Next Live: there will be no Lives for the next two Fridays, and the next Lesson will be on 13th September 2019.
Why today’s topic, and what does “looking beyond bar lines” actually mean?
 Why I created this arrangement?
“Suo Gân” – music from 5’38”
The range and difficulty level of this arrangement
About the downloadable PDF checklist (link above) which contains detailed instructions about the things to watch out for in this piece, bar by bar
Why it’s important to look at the fingerings before starting the practice, and what to do if you get the music without any fingerings
More about placing (and directional placing) can be found in:
About putting hands together
– questions to ask when you get confused
– things to say to yourself

– when to stop
– how to manage slow playing and rhythm

About putting bigger sections together

What to do if the next day you’re feel that you’re back to square 1

Lyrics for “Suo Gân” can be found on Wikipedia

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