How to get started with RAISING? [ep 46]

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Raising arms while playing is definitely not something you have to worry about early on with your journey in the harp, and in today’s episode I will explain why. But I know that when you watch a lot of harp videos and see people doing it you do get curious about how to do it yourself.

So in this video I will talk about a few things you need to bear in mind before and while you practise such gestures. I will also show you the best starting point for working on these that will work on every level, even if you’re just starting to play your very first piece, so make sure you stay with me until the end.

In this video you’ll learn…
  • about the 3 elements that need to be present in your playing
  • where release of tensions starts on the harp
  • what helps with sound projection
  • about the importance of letting go
  • when it’s time to work on phrasing
  • what’s the best place to start you raising practice
Resources mentioned in this episode

How to reduce tension when playing the harp? – episode 6
The Water Is Wide – sheet music and mini-video tutorial

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