How to reduce tension and pain with Alexander Technique while playing the harp

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We often think that since pain seems to be the direct result of playing an instrument, there must be something we can do “better” while playing – in order to avoid it.

Frequently we also assume that the part of our body which hurts must be the one we’ve been misusing while practising.

It is important that if you are in pain, you go to see your doctor. They will be able to check for any problems in the areas affected by pain. Your harp teacher will be able to spot aspects of your technique or position that could be improved.

However, it is vital to remember that your body is a whole, and all of its parts are connected, in one system. And though at the harp, of course, you perform some very specific movements, it is likely that your body is also affected by habitual tension patterns that date may back to many years before you started playing – and that still come into action while you play.

In today’s episode…

…I’m talking about one simple thing that you can do to help your body “reset”. I’m also sharing my own experience with pain and what has helped me to keep playing and stay injury-free.

Watch the video and try it yourself – even 5 minutes a day can help!

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