How to avoid overwhelm when learning a new harp piece? [ep 37]

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Feeling overwhelmed by long pieces… or lots of notes?

Sometimes we get impatient with ourselves and wish we could learn new music faster. We may end up putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, trying to do too many things at once… and feel disappointed when this doesn’t bring us any closer to our goals.

This tip will help you decide what to do first and then allow you to focus on just this one thing.

In this episode…

I will share with you a tip that I learn from one of my teachers at the Guildhall School, Charlotte Seale (thank you Charlotte!).

It will involve some (basic!) handicrafts – I hope you’ll find it fun!

You will need:

  • a physical copy of your score
  • a pair of scissors

You may also need:

  • some highlighters
  • some sellotape
Watch the video
Resources mentioned in this episode

Two stumbling blocks that you’ll find in EVERY harp piece

Now I would love to hear from YOU…

Let me know in the comments – do you remember working on a piece that made you feel overwhelmed?

Are you working on a piece like that right now?

Which section are you going to cut out and put on your music stand first?