Two stumbling blocks that you’ll find in EVERY harp piece! [ep 36]

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Music sounds choppy when you learn new pieces on the harp?

You’ve likely run into one of the two stumbling blocks that can be found in literally every harp piece. Watch this episode of Coffee Break Harp to find out what they are and how to navigate your way around them!

In this episode…

You will learn about the two stumbling blocks that you will find in EVERY harp piece that is out there.

I will also show you how to navigate your way around this challenge by…

  • marking your score in a way that helps your brain power through these spots
  • practising placing your fingers
  • watching out for the potentially tricky spots
  • learning how practising with a friend can help

You will also learn why being told to “slow down” doesn’t always help… and what other key ingredient you need to make it work!

I will also show you one really cool trick that you can use if you’re reading music on a tablet to help your brain FEEL what it’s like to be free from these obstacles!

Watch the video
Time stamps for this episode

0:05 The two stumbling blocks
1:28 Be aware of them
1:57 Placing brackets
3:10 Placing practice
4:20 “Edit out” the lines
5:06 Copy (and paste)
5:34 Are you looking ahead?
6:38 Ask for help
7:32 Online training
7:52 Keep going… and be kind to yourself

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