Where can I find a harp teacher and rent my first harp?

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Finding a harp teacher whom you can see regularly will make a huge difference to your progress.

Today the internet makes your search easier than ever. Below you will find websites where you can look for harp teachers. Some of these list specifically harp teachers based in the UK, while others will point you to where you can look for teachers all over the world.

In the list below you will also find more information on renting your first affordable harp, so you can have a go at playing without having to spend a lot of money to buy one!

Pilgrim Harps [harp]

Pilgrim Harps are based in Surrey and make beautiful lever and pedal harps.

You can not only take advantage of the harp teachers directory on their website, but you can also hire your first lever harp from them as an affordable way to begin your adventure!

Camac Harps Wales [harp]

The UK branch of Camac Harps, the French manufacturer of beautiful lever and pedal harps. You can rent your lever harp from them as well as purchase strings and harp sheet music.

If you're based in Wales you can also enquire about harp lessons.

Camac Harps - worldwide [harp]

Find your local Camac Harps representative and get help finding a harp teacher and a harp shop in your area!

Clarsach Society [harp]

Society aiming to promote clarsach and harp playing in Scotland and on their website you will find a directory of harpists all over UK.

If you choose to become a member, you can also hire a clarsach (fees apply).

Harps in London and the South East [harp]

The London & South-East Branch of the Clarsach Society. Here you will find a list of harp teachers based in the South-East, recently updated with details of teachers in West Midlands, Oxford, Norfolk, Suffolk and other UK regions. You can email a harpist through the website – no need to register.

Now you can also hire a lever harp when you become a member of the Society.

United Kingdom Harp Association [harp]

The association has currently over 300 members and your harp teacher will almost certainly be among them. A great place to find out about concerts, workshops and other harp-related events in your area. If you register a member (from as little as ‎£22 a year) you will receive a UKHA magazine and a monthly newsletter listing upcoming concerts. You will also be able to access the forum and exchange thoughts with other members.

If you'd like help contact UKHA (admin@ukharp.net) and ask for a list of members based in your area.

MusicTeachers.co.uk [music]

This website lists both music schools and private music teachers in the UK.

Incorporated Society of Musicians [music]

'Find a musician' section allows you to search for ISM members who teach harp in your area (typing 'harp' as a keyword and your full postcode will give you a wide range of results).

Zuzanna next to her harp, holding a cup of coffee

Cannot find a harp teacher in your area? Now you can learn the harp online with Zuzanna!

Add your name to the waitlist to learn when a space becomes available for 1-1 harp lessons.

And in the meantime... why don't you have a look at free harp resources and videos?