Where can I find a harp teacher?

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Finding a harp teacher whom you can see regularly can make a huge difference to your progress. Today the internet makes your search easier than ever. There are quite a few websites where you can look for teachers living locally – some of these list only harp teachers, while some advertise other instruments as well or even tutors of non-musical subjects. Most of them are free to use (exception: Tutorhunt).

Clarsach Society [harp]

Society aiming to promote clarsach and harp playing in Scotland. Follow section 'About' and 'Tutors in your area' to find a directory of harpists all over UK (full names and phone numbers, no description).

Harps in London and the South East [harp]

The London & South-East Branch of the Clarsach Society. In "Harp Teachers" section you will find a list of harpists based in London and South-East area, recently updated with details of teachers in West Midlands, Oxford, Norfolk, Suffolk and other UK regions. Full name of a teacher and their phone number is displayed. You can also email a harpist through the website – no need to register.

United Kingdom Harp Association [harp]

The association has currently over 300 members and your harp teacher will almost certainly be among them. At the moment the directory does not allow you to perform a search based on location. Therefore it is best to contact UKHA (admin@ukharp.net) and ask for a list of members based in your area. The website is a great place to find out about concerts, workshops and other harp-related events in your area. If you register a member (from as little as ‎£20 a year) you will receive a UKHA magazine, a monthly newsletter listing upcoming concerts. You will also be able to access the forum and exchange thoughts with other members.

Pilgrim Harps [harp]

The website of a harp manufacturer based in Surrey. At the moment teachers' directory is under constraction but you can contact Pilgrim Harps by e-mail (info@pilgrimharps.co.uk) to enquire about a list of harpists teaching in your area.

Holywell Music [harp]

Harp supplier for UK and Europe. Similarly to Pilgrim, they can share with you information about harp teachers in your area upon request (email holywell@holywell.co.uk).

Affairs of the Harp [harp]

Follow 'Need a Teacher' section to enquire about a harp teacher in your area. You will be asked to fill in the form with such details as your location, age, musical experience and whether you have a harp or are looking to hire. Then you are going to be contacted by a member of the team who will assist you with your search.

MusicTeachers.co.uk [music]

This website lists both music schools and private music teachers. Some of the profiles may seem to be very basic and not all of the teachers display their picture in a profile. However, you are able to see the full name of a musician and almost all of them share their phone numbers (there is no need to register or pay a fee to see this).

Incorporated Society of Musicians [music]

'Find a musician' section allows you to search for harpists in your area (typing 'harp' as a keyword and your full postcode will give you a wide range of results).

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Tutorfair [general]

Searching by postcode and subject will result in a list of teachers in your area. You will not see the tutor's full name or their contact details, but you may contact them via Tutorfair for free to arrange the date and time. A lesson which will be confirmed via Tutorfair and payments are also made through the website. Part of the fee goes towards Tutorfair's charity work with children who cannot afford private tuition. There is an option which enables you to post an ad on the website where teachers can reply to your request instead of you messaging them.

Superprof [general]

One of the most popular websites listing private teachers. You can search for teachers by typing the postcode and your chosen subject ('harp') into the search engine. A tutor profile provides you with a teacher's full name and picture as well as a detailed description of their experience, teaching philosophy and an information about the fee they charge. To contact teachers you will need to register and create an account.

Tutorhunt [general]

Searching by postcode, subject and level. If you are unsure about the latter, you can pick any and widen your search in the next step when the list of the teachers appears and you have the chance to pick the option 'Any level' from the box on the far right. You may contact the teachers and discuss their availability, however you will need to pay to be able to exchange the address details with the tutor and complete the process of arranging a lesson.

Tutorful [general]

Another website listing tutors where you can search teachers by postcode, subject and level. The service is free to students, secure card payments are available through the website.