What does harp sheet music look like? [ep 53]

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If you’re wondering how hard is it to read music on the harp, what does harp sheet music look like and what kind of challenges may come with it, you’ve come to the right place.

In this video you will hear me talk about what it’s like to read harp music and how to navigate the challenges that may come with it.

Are left and right hand reading different things?

When you first see the two staves and hear that each has its own clef and “belongs” to one hand… it may feel like they are two completely different languages that you have to read at the same time. And when you go down that rabbit hole you can easily feel overwhelmed.

But there is a different way to approach this.

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When you realise how everything is connected, everything else falls into place – the bass and treble clef, and all the notes.

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What does harp music look like?

Have you every played any keyboard instruments (like piano)? Harp music will look really similar. We even happen to share some pieces with pianists, as you will see in the examples shown in the video.

If you played an instrument which reads music in treble clef, like for example flute or violin, then you will need to read within the range that you know already, as well as likely going a little bit further into the bass clef as most harps cover lower range compared to flute or violin.

And if you played an instrument using the bass clef, like for example cello, you will use this range as well as above, reaching to the treble clef.

In this video you can see two examples of harp sheet music using bass and treble clef.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Prelude in C harp arrangement
The Ash Grove harp arrangement

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