How to tune a harp? My tips and tricks for tuning [ep 31]

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A harp that is tuned every day tends to stay in tune more reliably. When tuning and giving attention to each and every of your strings every time you’re about to play, you are also more likely to pick up early any unusual buzzes or deterioration, and prevent bigger problems happening in the future.

No wonder harps are the happiest when they’re tuned regularly!

And when it comes to their owners, tuning is the same as practice: the more you do it, the sooner you will feel at ease with tuning – and you will also feel that you know your harp a whole lot better.

In this video…

You will see me tuning three different types of harps: a non-lever harp tuned in the key of C major, a lever harp and a pedal harp. You will learn…

  • where to get started
  • what equipment you will need to tune your harp
  • how to set up your chromatic tuner
  • how to read the screen of a tuner or a tuning app
  • what to expect when tuning harps with no levers, partial or full levers, and pedal harps

One of the biggest mistake of a beginner harpist is turning their tuning key too much. In this video you will watch me tune my harp and you will get to see how EXTREMELY tiny the movements of your hand need to be when you tune your instrument.

The second biggest mistake is turning your tuning key on a wrong string. This can result in harps strings breaking, so you definitely want to avoid it!

To help you always make sure that your tuning key is on the correct peg, I will show you my trick for checking the position of your tuning key (without looking!).

Free Tuning Cheat Sheet!

Make sure you download the free PDF with my Tuning Cheat Sheet. Place it on the stand next to your harp and read the screen of the tuner easily!


Watch the video
Time stamps for this episode:
2:11 First steps
3:00 Non-lever harp
10:55 Lever harp (C major and E flat major)
13:53 Pedal harp
16:06 Tips and tricks
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