Moving a Harp

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There is one question that I hear all the time – “how do you move it?!”. Well, here goes a detailed explanation (9 minutes)!

As you probably know, it is my very first blog entry. If you are an avid YouTube user or a more experienced vlogger yourself, do let me know if you spot anything that could be improved in my next posts!

Do you want to get better at reading music?

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  • Find the bass clef notes quicker
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For anyone who would like to know what equipment do I use (the links are non-affiliate):

  • pedal harp covers made by Splash Sacs, UK. They don’t have a website, but you can contact them by email at geoff [at]
  • lever harp covers made by Yaro, Poland
  • my Harpo trolley was bought from Glissando, Germany

And my car is a Toyota Avensis estate from 2011. It has tons of space and can fit 2 pedal harps (tested). Highly recommended!