Live no 15: Patterns in music and “Sea Breeze” by Fiona-Clifton Welker

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Today’s topic is PATTERNS IN MUSIC!
📣 Important information! Becuase I was broadcasting from the front camera of a tablet, my right hand may look like left and vice versa… so just to explain that I haven’t decided for a sudden technique change, it’s just the view 😅
About the book that I’m working with today: “Harping on” vol 1, available to buy HERE
About the piece: “Sea Breeze” – range and diificulty level, and what can you do when your harp doesn’t have all strings that are needed
“Sea Breeze” from 8’12”
About the practice recipe 
– spotting patterns and grouping similar sections together
– how to turn pattern(s) into an exercise
– how to practise this piece to improve your technique and control of the fingers at the same time
– managing the placing of hands
– putting smaller sections together
The detailed description of all steps is available in the free PDF with today’s materials.
Enjoy your practice, and see you next Friday!

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