Live no 14: Harp practice with a metronome

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About different kinds of metronomes

– traditional (mechanical) – the one you can see in the lesson is Shiver
– electronic (powered with batteries) – in the video you can see electronic metronome + tuner combo by Korg
– apps for phones and tablets – I use MetroTimer

About the numbers – what do they mean and how they can be organised on different metronomes, about different functions

Do you really need a metronome, and how to tell?

How to start? – away from the harp
– exercises at different speeds
– clapping (or tapping)
– counting out loud
– practising subdividing

The description of all these exercises can be found in the PDF (leave your email to download).

Practising with the metronome, on the harp
– how to choose the tempo
– making the decision while looking at the time signature
– how recording yourself can help
– should you go, faster, slower or the same as usually?
– how the dynamics may affect your speed perception

Problems with metronome and getting out of sync with the metronome
– listen before playing
– hear it in your head
– try getting the first note or two together with the metronome
– keep listening as you progress – you need to know your piece well for this to be possible

How to tell if the metronome is…
– too fast
– too slow
… and what to do

How to know that you’re ready to progress gradually while playing with a metronome


from 27’55”: “Bells Ringing” from A Bouquet for Young Harpists by Bonnie-Goodrich (about pre-grade 1 standard)

from 32’02”: “Theme from the Sonata no 11” by Mozart (grade 4), arranged by Dominic Bouchaud in his book Panorama de la Harpe Celtique vol 1


How can you mark your music to help you with the metronome practice on the harp?

Excerpt from the sonata no 11 by Mozart arranged for the harp, marked up to show all beats, highlighted the ones to play

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