Live no 11: Harp Warm Up

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Today’s topic is WARM UP!

I’m talking about…

– the change of the Facebook page name
– place of the warm up in harp lessons
– all the reasons why it’s helpful to have your own warm up that you do every day
– about my own warm up “recipe book”


– physical warm up of your whole body and why it matters
– what warm up can you do if you’ve only just started playing
– chords, jumps, arpeggios and scales and how to make them more challenging as you’re progressing
– my “express warm up” routine
– tip for a “silent warm up”

The book that I mention, “Conditioning Exercises” by Carlos Salzedo can be found here


I am wondering – do you always warm up before your practice? Would you like your teacher to encourage you more and check on your warm up routine? Let me know in the comments!

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