Live Harp Lesson 44 – How to break bad habits on the harp?

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About today’s topic…

Like with many other behaviours outside harp playing, cutting out the bad habits is not enough. Saying to yourself “don’t buzz” or “don’t slide” or any other “don’ts” often result in the exact opposite happening… wouldn’t you agree?

Getting rid of a bad habit can only be successful if you are also working on a new one to replace the old behaviour. Since bad habits are often acquired early on in our learning, going back to basics and learning the good habits anew will help.

Today I’m sharing with you 3 exercises that you can use to work on re-learning good habits and improving your playing. You can do them on your own, but they will work even better if you you have a harp teacher who can give you feedback on your progress. Breaking old habits is possible, but it is also incredibly tricky, so you need all the help you can get!


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