Live Harp Lesson 34 – Introduction to playing hands together

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About today’s topic

Playing hands together on the harp is challenging – and it is absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed at first. Start with an easy piece where you can work on hands coordination without actually making them play at exact same time. Watch the video to see the exercises to help you remember about the 3 handy tips:

1. Show your hands the way
Sometimes they don’t have far to go!

2. Only play once BOTH hands are on the strings and ready
Try the technique that I am showing and avoid getting stuck. Don’t let one of your hands play until you have placed the other.

3. Look where you are about to go, not where your fingers are now
Once your fingers are on the strings (see point 2), you can trust them to play while you look ahead.

Today’s piece

Azaleas in Houston by Bonnie Goodrich (from 19’38”). Click to buy the music.

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