Live Harp Lesson 32: What to expect from your first harp lesson?

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About the first lesson
  • it’s absolutely normal to feel nervous, especially if you’re a shy person (like me – believe it or not!)
  • this is mainly a chat, to get to know your teacher and for the teacher to learn a bit more about you
  • the teacher will ask some questions – this is again to get you know a bit better, and learn how they can support you in your harp adventure.

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What will happen if you haven’t got a harp?

After the brief chat we will discuss options for renting the instrument and I will advise you on places worth checking. If you are wondering whether you should buy a harp, watch this Live Harp Lesson where I share my thoughts and advice.

We will make sure you can start your lessons and harp practice as soon as possible!

Resources I mentioned in this lesson

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