Live 31: Three things to do before starting harp lessons

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Last lesson of 2019!

Thank you so much for watching the lessons and sharing with me your thoughts and feedback this year. I am looking forward to many more in 2020!

About today’s topic

Getting started with the harp can take some time – deciding about the time, finding a teacher or a course, locating an instrument… Many prospective harpists think that the latter – finding a harp – is the first step (click here to watch Lesson 29 and learn more about finding an instrument).

There are a few other things that you can do instead, and I wrote more about them in my Discover the Harp ebook [currently not available]. In this ebook I am sharing with you three tips on how to better prepare for playing the harp. And what’s best – you can work on all of them without your own instrument!

1. Sitting
  • why sitting well will help you play well
  • about backrests
2. Reading the music

There are two different approaches to playing any instrument – learning to play with the music and playing by ear. I am explaining a bit more about:

  • why I encourage all my students to play with the music
  • why you can benefit so much from learning the basic of music notation before learning to play
3. Listening
  • about the playlists in the ebook
  • what are your preferences?
  • why is it important to be open and listen to different kinds of music
It’s not about the talent…

…but about how much time, effort and commitment you’re willing to put in!

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