Live 22: How to avoid buzzing on the harp?

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About today’s topic

There are two main types of buzzes:
– a fingertip buzz which happens when you replace a finger on a string which vibrates already
– a fingernail buzz

Dealing with a fingertip buzz

It may sound cliché, but confidence is the key – and some shift in thinking about what you are practising.

Eliminating nail buzzes

Good hand position is probably more than half of the success! Have your fingers pointing down and stopping your fingers from reaching up or sliding on the strings. Buzzes may have a lot to do with the latter, and I do recommend that you check out Live 20 – How to avoid sliding.

What to do when a buzz appears?

Grab the PDF for a detailed checklist of things to look at and steps to follow when spotting a buzz. The buzzing may be caused by something else than your hands (check out Live no 10 on Pedal Etiquette), including factors beyond your control.

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