Live 18: How difficult is it to play the harp?

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Why today’s topic?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by anyone thinking about taking harp lessons. There’s no quick answer, and certainly no such thing as difficulty scale where we could place harp easily. Learning to play any musical instrument takes time, as with any new skill – and playing is a rather complex one. Today I explain what one needs to learn to play, what’s easy and what can be potentially challenging, as well as overcome these challenges.

You will find out:
  • whether there are any special skills that you need to play?
  • what equipment is necessary?
  • what’s easy (and fun!) to play on the harp?
  • what are the challenges and how to overcome them
The challenges that I talked about were:
  • looking at the strings and at the music at the same time
  • coordinating both hands playing independently
  • understanding the way that levers (or pedals) work
  • technique: hand position and placing fingers on the strings
  • tuning and replacing strings
  • transporting the harp
And finally…

A few words for those moments when you feel all muddled up and worried that it will never sound well…  how to keep the faith to keep going despite these challenges!

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