Learning “Silent Night” harp arrangement [ep 30]

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Who is it for?

This is an intermediate harp arrangement. It involves using all four fingers, overlapping brackets, chords and arpeggios.

Introduction requires playing left hand harmonics. However you can skip this part and start playing directly from the third line of the piece, or play the notes indicated as harmonics an octave higher, using your second finger.

This arrangement is suitable for all types of harps: lever, pedal, and non-lever harps tuned to the key of C major. The range is from C below middle C to F above high C (5C to 2F).

About the lesson

We will look at a few selected parts of this arrangement.

In the introduction your left hand has some harmonics to play. If this is something new to you, make sure you watch one of the earlier episodes of Coffee Break Harp where you will learn how to play harmonics.

Although there are several bars of harmonics at the beginning of the piece, when you look at this part more closely you will see that left hand will be only using 4 different strings: C, E, F and G. Once you have found where this harmonics ring on your harp, you will find the introduction a lot easier!

If harmonics still feel new to you, in this video I will show you how you can modify the introduction to get the sound as close as possible to the harmonics. Alternatively, you can drop this section altogether and start playing directly from bar 23, which is marked with * in the score.

The “backwards” strategy

This practice method is incredibly helpful when putting hands together on the harp. You will see me demonstrating how to do this in the middle section of the piece (from 5:01).


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