8 tips on how to complete a piece on the harp [ep 52]

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Feeling that you’ve completed a piece and are able being able to play it fluently from beginning to the end… such a great sense of achievement! (Especially because usually it takes a while to get there).

If you’re learning harp on your own, it can be tricky to manage the day to day practice and your long-term progress. There are so many lovely pieces out there and it’s easy to get distracted by “the next shiny thing”.

In this video I share with you 8 tips that help you stay on track and make sure you can complete your pieces.

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Which stage are you at?

The 8 tips also show you the stages of working on a piece.

Let me know in the comments – what number you’re at?

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Resources mentioned in this episode

Facebook group for harpists who want to keep learning – maybe you’ll find your practice buddy there?
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Time stamps

1:46 supportive environment
2:10 practice buddy
2:50 time frames
3:56 tricky spots
5:47 kettle practice
6:51 speed
8:14 music or memory?
9:58 rest
10:49 performing practice