How to read rhythm on the harp – and make your score easier to understand [ep 35]

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Do you find working out the rhythm tricky when learning a new piece on the harp?

Do you tend to stick to songs that you know well to be sure you got the rhythm right?

Or do you sometimes find that even with songs that you know can turn out to be challenging when it comes to matching what you hear with what’s in the score?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this episode is for you!

How to understand rhythm?

If harp is your first instrument and you had to learn to read music to play, this can be challenging. You may not feel like there’s a connection between the sound and the signs on the page (yet!).

Marking up your scores the way I will show you in this video will help you see the structure behind the rhythm. It will also make your practice easier when you get to the stage of working on the rhythm!

(Why do I say – when you get to the stage of working on the rhythm? Isn’t it necessary to do all of it as soon as one starts? If you’re wondering about that, make sure you watch the episode 33 and check if you’re trying to do TOO MUCH when reading music).

Want to practise with me?

In this video I will walk you through marking a short excerpt. If you would like to do this exercise with me and then check your answers, make sure to download the worksheet for today’s episode!

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Watch the video
Time stamps for this episode
1:17 Exercise bar 1
3:30 Mark ALL beats
4:08 Extra beats
5:29 Little space?
6:20 Colours!
7:19 Practice tips
8:16 Exercise bars 2-4
9:52 About this method
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