How to play harmonics on the harp – and make them reliable! [ep 21]

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Like every new skill, harmonics may take some time and patience to learn. And like with many other things – the more relaxed you are, the better the results!

So be kind to yourself when practising. Try working with small portions of a piece (check out the exercise in the free PDF!), take a break, then come back. I promise you will get there!

Resources mentioned in this episode

How do the pedals on a harp work? – Coffee Break Harp 18

The music

The piece that I am playing is Passacaille by G.F. Händel, arranged for the harp by Christopher Powell. You can purchase the sheet music for this piece here.

Watch the video

Time stamps for this episode

0:29 How harmonics work?
2:52 When to play a harmonic?
4:28 Right hand
5:48 LH: base of the thumb
6:49 LH: side of the palm
8:30 Double harmonics
9:18 Finding harmonics
9:57 Levers/pedals
11:28 Marking harmonics
12:20 “Passacaille” excerpt
13:12 Practice strategy

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