Do you need talent to play the harp? – Coffee Break Harp 16

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Are you wondering if you’ve got what it takes to play the harp… and how to tell whether you’re “talented enough”?

What special skills one needs to learn to play this instrument?

Do you need to be born with these, or can anyone learn the harp?

About talent

In this video I’m talking about what’s needed to master the harp (and other instruments!) and what does latest research say about talent.

You will also find out about 3 types of practice and which can help you increase your potential.


Watch the video

Time stamps for the episode:

1:40 About talent
2:42 Research on perfect pitch (absolute pitch)
3:54 Lack of musical talent?
4:46 10,000-hour rule
7:05 Types of practice: the naive vs purposeful practice
9:09 Elements of purposeful practice
10:30 Types of practice: purposeful practice vs deliberate practice
12:40 Elements of deliberate practice
14:32 Why fundamentals are so important?
16:43 The role of a teacher
17:14 But what about the people who still learn new skills a lot faster (or slower) than others?
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