Why do you play worse in lessons (and what can you do)? – Coffee Break Harp 5 – LIVE episode

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Why you can play a piece from start to finish perfectly at home, only to stumble in the very first bar once you’re in a lesson with your teacher?

What happened with all the hours that you put into practice?

What will your teacher think about your playing?

And most importantly – how will you perform in front of anyone, if playing for just one person is so hard?

First, let me assure you: everyone faces the same struggle, even professional musicians. You are definitely not alone. Your teacher knows that feeling well too, and what is more, they are usually pretty good at recognising that your mistakes are not a result of lack of practice.

Secondly – it is possible to make your way around this challenge. Like every journey, it does take time, but like with practice – the more you do it, the better you become!

About mistakes…

Mistakes are all part of the learning process and we all experience them (even professional like me!). However frustrating they are, they are incredibly useful in pointing you to the points which are not quite secure – and allowing you to learn!

Today I’ll show you what you can do to practise more strategically at home to overcome some of the most common stumbling blocks and perform more confidently in front of others.

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