Are these mistakes slowing you down when reading music on the harp? – Coffee Break Harp 13

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Do you often lose your place in the music?

Need to stop playing and go again from the same place?

Does it feel as if you always have to read each note on its own?

Is learning a new piece painfully slow?

In this episode you’ll learn how you can avoid the 3 common mistakes and follow the score easily!

Harp and reading music

I believe that reading music on the harp is much more challenging than on some other instruments.

To start with, there are two lines of musical “text” to read, then the need to look ahead not only for the next bar and line but also to plan placing fingers… and finally, we need to look at our instruments (as opposed to, for example, bowed string or wind instrument players) and move our gaze over quite some distance between music and the strings.

In today’s episode we’ll be looking at what happens on this strings-to-music line. I’ll also show you 3 things that can make a big difference when reading music on the harp.

If you often find yourself losing your place in the music and having to start all over again, the exercises from today’s episode are for you! They only take a few minutes each, but will give you a greater sense of freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing when to look at the strings or the music.

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