1-1 Harp Lessons

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Get tailored support on your harp journey through 1-1 lessons with Zuzanna.

Choose from single sessions or packages of lessons.

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Get personalised advice and support to accomplish your harp dreams!

Choose from single sessions or packages of lessons.


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What is included?
  • your chosen number of lessons (50 minutes each)
  • a welcome pack including resources for tuning, finding music, replacing strings and anything else you may need to take care of your harp and your progress
  • individually designed practice plan
  • access to all fingerings and markings discussed in the lesson
  • access to subscriber-only resources by Coffee Break Harp
  • 20% discount for all music available in the Shop
  • special discount for additional lessons outside your package


How to start?
  1. Choose your package and pay using your preferred method (card, PayPal or email us for bank transfer details)
  2. Reserve the date and time of your first lesson
  3. Your request is through to us and you will soon get a confirmation email including connection link and all resources!

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4 reviews for 1-1 Harp Lessons

  1. Morag Reid

    We have had various lovely music teachers over the years for my family, but Zuzanna stands out as truly exceptional. She built up a really warm relationship with my daughter and was always genuinely interested in her as a person, and in her musical interests and goals. Anything from Bach to Beatles to Leonard Cohen! Endlessly encouraging, but also very precise and spot on with technique and musicality – my daughter often commented how much her piano and general musicianship came on through learning harp with Zuzanna. Student centred, extremely professional, very talented and a wonderful 1:1 teacher – and all round lovely person. We are so impressed with her as a teacher – I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  2. Maritza Ilich

    I returned to the harp after a break of many years and Zuzanna has been precisely the teacher I needed. What initially began as a quest to learn a piece I was struggling with, became a learning experience that has impacted in such a positive way on my relationship with my instrument. It has changed how I practice, and how I approach new pieces. Mostly though, it is just a joy to have lessons with Zuzanna – to come as I am, on that day, with a busy adult life, and to experience the value of just “showing up”. I learn something every time and I feel supported. Zuzanna is such a gifted teacher – she is observant, encouraging, and creative in employing a range of pedagogical methods to enhance learning. I am also impressed at how well online classes have worked. Lastly, Zuzanna is such a warm, genuine and lovely person. It is an absolute pleasure to recommend her as a teacher.

  3. Carsta

    I am so grateful to Zuzanna for all the patient and kind hours it takes to gradually learn. As an adult, I couldn’t play any other instrument or read music. So I had a lot to learn a lot of basic things and techniques. The nice thing is that Zuzanna sees where you are and starts practicing there in such a way that it fits. Not too heavy and not too light. I’ve made insane progress and I’m so happy about it. I can now work out pieces myself, pay attention to the technique and make sure that I don’t do too much. That my daily goal is friendly and I try not to ask too much but to be precise. Zuzanna has such a friendly, warm and empathetic manner. The harp lessons have always felt like a mindfulness exercise. I am also very thankful for this mindful atmosphere that carries over to independent practice. I would highly recommend Zuzanna as a teacher. Especially for adults who have not yet had any musical experience. It’s true, anyone can learn a music instrument with the help of a good teacher. She really is!

  4. Georgia

    I really enjoyed learn from Zuzanna, I felt relaxed and at ease with lessons and was able to progress. I like her follow up notes after each lesson which support each week study. I was able connect more with my body and technique to play the harp and each lesson brought for me key points work deeper with myself and feel the exercises and hands position. I every time felt Zuzanna gave me the best and most of her self and energy to grow with harp learning and this was precious for me. Thank you Zuzanna <3

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