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Music score and a cup of coffee next to the harp
Reading Music for Harp [Course]

A 4-week online course for harpists who want to read music with confidence.

Suitable for: anyone wanting to learn music, including...

  • complete beginners
  • harpists with experience of learning by ear or through videos
  • harpists with some experience in reading music who'd like extra support

Format: 4 weekly modules containing over 20 prerecorded videos + introduction module, exercises and PDFs to print out or use on a tablet

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Zuzanna with a harp smiling and holding a music score in her left hand
5 Secrets to Reading Music [Webinar]

A recording of a live workshop where you learn about 5 (little known) secrets to reading music that will help you read music with more freedom and confidence!

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Zuzanna teaching a student how to play harp
1-1 Harp Lessons

Get tailored support on your harp journey through 1-1 lessons with Zuzanna.

Choose from single sessions or packages of lessons.

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