Hear, feel, see… and memorise the music
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Have you ever thought about your preferred way for memorising music? What comes easiest to you – remembering the melody of the piece? The finger movements? Or perhaps at the end of your practice you realise that the image of … Read More

How to find the time to practise

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I have been teaching many students who started playing the harp as adults. Very soon I noticed that there is one thing they all had in common. While they love music and are very keen to play, they often find … Read More

How to Improve Your Sight Reading
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Sight reading requires a certain shift in our mindset. At the very beginning of our musical education we spend a lot of time learning how to read the notes. Then we do the same when we are learning a new piece … Read More

How to tune a harp?
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Tuning is for the harp what brushing is for your teeth – an easy way to make your instrument sound heavenly! By taking care of tuning the harp every time you practise you will soon become a lucky owner of an … Read More

8 Easy Ways to Help Your Child with Practice
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Most children love playing. However, not many enjoy practising, which requires a lot of attention, focus and active learning. Here are some ideas how to make it easier and more fun for them! 1) Instrument at hand Getting going is often hardest … Read More

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