Live 28: How to make glissandi on a harp even more sparkly

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3) If you haven’t heard yet about this year’s Advent Calendar by harpist Katherine Harisson, you absolutely must check it out – it’s one of the most beautiful things that I’ve seen this Christmas!  Here’s today’s post (in which I happen to be involved) – Advent Calendar Day 6.

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Today’s topic is glissandi!

Three tips to make this very special harp effect even more beautiful:

  1. About the turns
    – hand position
    – reaching out in advance
  2. About what happens between the turns
    – listening to every note (you need to go veeery slow for that)
    – dotted rhythms – works for glissandi too!
  3. Accessories that will help you save your fingers 👈🏼
    – Petite Pigs felt picks: link for UK and for US harpists

The start time next week may change, so watch out for more info nearer the date, but I will see you on Friday still!

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