Live 19: Turns and placing on the harp

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News and announcements!
Upcoming concert: this Wednesday (25th September) at 7:30 pm in Crieff.
Why placing is so important?
If you’re new to PLACING, check out first:
Exercises for turns and placing in turns (in the PDF)
– count and place rhythmically
– any strings will do!
About today’s piece: “Rondo” by Betty Paret from “First Harp Book”
– range
– difficulty level
– available to buy here 
Practice recipe for “Rondo” (in the PDF)
  • where to start
  • a trick to give left hand an opportunity to practise turns too
  • putting hands together
  • putting bigger sections together
How do you like this Live? Would you like them to be even shorter or is that a good length? Do let me know in the comments!

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