Harp and metronome in a music room

Do you want to...

...learn to play the harp in supportive atmosphere?

...get a weekly dose of inspiration and advice?

...focus on improving your technique?

...get regular feedback to make sure you're heading in the right direction?

...want to make sure you learn the right habits from the very beginning?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, here's something for you...

Harp Course

Have you always wanted to play the harp...

...but there was never a good time to learn?

You tried learning to play on your own...

...but you often get muddled up and things don't quite make sense?

Or maybe you used to play the harp...

...but feel that you can't remember much, old pieces feel choppy, and you are not sure what is the best way to restart?

Hand on the strings of a lever harp with harp music in the background

Make the first step...

...and improve your playing in 3 months!

About the course

What is included?
  • 10 weekly harp lessons (50 minutes), at your preferred day and time
  • Make Up Week - to catch up if you miss a lesson during the term
  • a welcome pack including information on tuning and taking care of your harp
  • Discover the Harp Ebook for beginners
  • individually designed training plan
  • notes from every lesson sent to your email
  • access to all PDF’s and videos published on the website
  • special price for additional lessons (£39 per lesson)
  • 10% discount for all music available in the Shop
Lessons start on 11 January 2021.

About the teacher

My name is Zuzanna Olbryś and I am a professional harpist and harp teacher. My passion is supporting beginners in learning to play the harp, and helping them make the most of it.

I started playing the harp when I was 15. I studied first in my native Poland, and later in London, where I graduated from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In my teaching I am inspired by the words of one of my teachers, Imogen Barford, who said that the main goal of the teacher is for the student not to need them any more - and I want to help my students become independent in their playing and being able to learn new pieces on their own.

This is why in the lessons with me you will work on learning to read the music - so you can access the great many beautiful harp pieces on your own. We will also focus on practising healthy playing technique that will ensure that your playing is as effortless and comfortable as possible.

About the talent

I sometimes hear new students wondering if they "have the talent" and if it is worth taking the lessons.  I guess what most people understand through the word “talent” is that you’re quicker than others at learning how to do something, or as they say - „getting it”. Most people also believe that you’re either lucky to have the said “talent” or not.

I agree that we’re all born with a different set of skills. It would be hard to find two human beings who learn something new at exactly the same pace. But - I also believe that there’s so much more to learning to play than just talent. Let me put it this way - you can get the most beautiful harp in the world, but if you don’t tune it... guess what it’ll sound like?

I believe that patience, commitment, focus and dedication can take us much further than we sometimes dare to hope. We can create something truly beautiful by making small steps every day, and every week - and this is why I created the Harp Course.

Zuzanna in her teaching studio with pedal harp and lever harp


I love learning from Zuzanna. Her teaching style is calm and creative and she works with her students to make sure each of them gets what they want out of their harp lessons.

Rachael, adult beginner


Zuzanna taught my daughter harp until her move to Edinburgh. My daughter made great progress with her. She is a lovely person who it is a pleasure to work with. She goes the extra mile for her pupils!

Heather, pupil's parent


Zuzanna is a brilliant teacher. She helped me learn harp as an absolute beginner, and ensured that I enjoy my lessons too. She’s very organised and helpful. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a great music teacher!

Brenna, adult beginner


Lever harp with harp music, and a cup of tea.

Is this for me?

The Harp Course is for you if...

you want to work under the guidance of an experienced teacher

you are looking for an extended period of time to focus on making music

you can commit to the weekly lessons

you want to improve on reading music

you are willing to spend at least 20 mins every day on your practice

you want to play the harp well

The Course is probably not a good choice, if...

you already have many other commitments in the week and little time left

you are not able to hire a harp

you want to learn to play solely by ear

you are expecting to learn to play in the lessons as you don't have time to practice at home

How much does the Course cost?

The 10-week Harp Course is £395

Not sure if course is the right choice for you? Book a free, non-obligation trial lesson to find out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a group class?

No. The Harp Course is a series of 10 weekly individual lessons with me - your teacher.

I have never played any musical instrument. Can I still learn to play the harp?

Yes! You can learn at any age and regardless of previous musical experience.

What instrument will I need? Do I need to buy a harp?

You do not need to buy a harp when starting - in fact, I advise against it! I believe that you should try out an instrument before committing to a purchase - and for this, you will need some basic playing skills. Therefore I recommend hiring a harp when you start your lessons.

There are many harp manufacturers offering instruments for hire. The cost of monthly hire varies between £25 and £60 and most retailers offer deducting the costs of hiring a harp when you decide to buy a new one from them.

A 34 string lever harp is the most typical instrument on offer, and it can serve you for many months or even years!

If you would like to know more, book a trial lesson and I will advise on choosing your first instrument.

Where will the lessons take place?

This term the lessons will take place online.

For online lessons you will need:
- a computer, a phone or a tablet with camera (most devices have them built in)
- broadband connection

I will help you to connect and make sure your comfortable with your set up!

What days and times can you offer?

I teach on Tuesdays (mornings and afternoons) and Wednesdays (afternoons), UK time.

I aim to offer a regular time slot to every student who decides to commit to weekly lessons. Please let me know if there is any particular day or time when you would like to have lessons.

What happens if I need to change the time or cancel my lesson?

Please let me know at least 48 hours before the lesson and I will do my best to offer an alternative time in the same week. If that is not possible, we will schedule a replacement lesson during the Make Up Week (please note only 1 lesson is allowed per student during the Make Up Week).

How do you teach?

You can have a peek on how I teach through my Coffee Break Harp series for beginners and intermediate players. Every Friday at 11:00 am (UK time) I share a short, free lesson, published on YouTube and Facebook.

See the video below below for one of the latest lessons, or click to check out all videos

Do you need talent to play the harp?

Start playing the harp today - sign up for the Harp Course!