Zuzanna harpist at a wedding in London



Live music at your event

The beautiful sound of the harp will enchant your guests, and the visually stunning instrument will add a special touch to the decor of the venue.

Wide range of repertoire

From classical to contemporary, and from traditional to jazz: the choice of repertoire is entirely up to you. If you would like to hear songs that are special to you, please let me know and I will be delighted to play them at the time you find most suitable. If you would rather leave the choice of music to me, I will carefully tailor the programme to the occasion and venue.

Timely and professional communication

Always there to hear about your expectations and answer any questions you may have.

Booking secured by contract

For your peace of mind, each booking is secured by a contract which specifies terms and conditions of the service and guarantees your rights as a customer. It will also include any special requests you may have, such as titles of the songs you wish to hear or if you wish for my outfit to be coordinated with your colour scheme for the day. As a member of Incorporate Society of Musicians, I have a public liability insurance.

Easy booking process

  1. Submit your initial enquiry including your chosen date and venue via the form below.
  2. You will receive the confirmation of availability and an exact quote. If I am not available at your chosen date, I will put you in touch with another professional.
  3. If you are happy with the quote, I will provide you with a contract specifying all your arrangements.
  4. Once the contract is signed, I can take your deposit payment and as soon as it is processed your booking is confirmed!




From my first contact with Zuzanna she was brilliant! Nothing was too much trouble and she spoke with us over the phone and through emails to advise us upon our options for song choices. She learnt two new songs that we requested and played them and the rest of her repertoire absolutely beautifully! All of our guests commented on how fabulous the music was. I can't recommend her highly enough for whatever event you are considering. A truly lovely person and a fantastically talented harp player.

Laurie and Michael


Thank you so much for playing last night at the anniversary dinner – everybody thought it was wonderful.



We are all so pleased with the success of the party last night and felt that your wonderful playing was a highlight. It was such a delight to walk down the corridor and hear the clear and beautiful music wafting towards us and to see our Friends enraptured listening and watching you play. Thank you so very much for giving us the benefit of your beautiful harp and wonderful playing. Perhaps we may be able to hear you again in the future.

Catherine, Geffrye Museum, London


Many thanks again for playing beautifully at our wedding - we were very grateful to have you there!

Luwern and Wei Kuan


If you are looking for a harpist for your wedding (or any other event) Zuzanna is your gal!

She is incredibly talented, professional and accommodating, and such a lovely person.

Despite her already very broad repertoire she offered to learn additional pieces of our choice, and on the day she was absolutely brilliant, helping to create a truly magical atmosphere during our ceremony and drinks reception.

We highly recommend Zuzanna!

Milena and Richard

Frequently Asked Questions

What harp do you play?

For weddings, I use either a pedal harp (pictured above) or a smaller harp with levers, also known as clarsach. Generally speaking, modern repertoire works better on the pedal harp whilst clarsach is more suitable for traditional songs. However, the latter requires less space (see below) which makes it more suitable for smaller venues. If you expect many guests, I would advise to choose a pedal harp as the sound of the bigger instrument will carry better.

How much space does the harp need?

Pedal (concert) harp needs an area of 2m x 3m, lever harp requires about 2m x 2m.

For how long can you play?

For weddings, I usually perform a choice of songs during the ceremony, and two sets of music up to 50 minutes each during the drinks reception. Depending on the length of the sets, I would need from 15 to 20 minutes break between each part of the performance.
For other functions I normally provide 3 sets of music up to 45 minutes each, with 15-20 minutes break in between.

Would you be able to play my favourite song on the harp?

Yes! I am always happy to add new pieces to my repertoire. Please let me know at least 6 weeks before the ceremony about any special requests to allow the time for me to purchase and learn the music.

Can you play outside?

No - I can only perform indoors. However if you would like for your guests to be able to hear the music while they are outside, at some venues it may be possible to position the harp by the open windows to ensure that. Please let me know if you would like me to liaise with your venue about this.

How do you transport your harp?

For longer journeys, the harp travels in an estate car with back seats folded down. For short distances (for example from the car park to the venue) I move my instrument using a special trolley designed for moving harps.

You can watch me doing this here:

Can you move from one area to another during a wedding day?

Yes - please let me know in advance and allow enough time to move the harp. To move the harp I will need to wrap it in covers and transport the instrument using a special trolley, then remove and store away the covers and prepare to perform again. This will take between 10 to 15 minutes, so please ensure that you have allowed both time for moving the harp as well as time for a complete break for the harpist.

In most situations I am happy to move the harp on my own, however I may need help from staff at the venue if there are many stairs on the way and no lifts in the building. Additional charges may apply if I am required to drive to another venue.

How much do you charge for playing at a function?

This depends mainly on:
- the location of the venue, and
- the duration of the performance

Please include these details in your enquiry and I will be able to provide you with an accurate quote. A minimum fee for any event is £300.

What do you wear when playing at weddings?

I usually wear a long elegant dress. Please let me know if you would like me to wear an outfit that matches your chosen colour scheme.

Don't you wish you played the flute?

No... but I wish I got a pound every time I'm asked this question! 😉

Bookings and enquiries

To check availability, request a quote or receive more information contact me using the form below. I will reply within 24 hours.