How mastermind group can help a musician
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“A Master Mind may be created through the bringing together […] two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all of … Read More

Preparing for auditions and recitals
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While practice is something that musicians engage with every day, there may be times when you feel the need to supercharge your practice, perhaps ahead of an important concert, audition or exam. Today I’ll share with you two tips which … Read More

Harp repertoire for weddings and functions
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Reaching the skill level that enables you to provide music for others and get paid for it is a very exciting moment for every music student. I still remember the very first function that I played at and all the … Read More

Planning and organising for musicians
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The freedom of working as a freelance musician can be amazing. Being able to take time off and, say, have a lie-in on a Monday morning or take an early afternoon Wednesday hairdresser appointment when everyone else is at work … Read More

Musicians and Money: Retirement
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[:en]I have been wanting to look into retirement savings and pensions for a long time. Initially I was only planning to do some very basic reading to familiarise myself with this topic, hopefully to take better decisions and make arrangements for my own future. However, after a quick survey among my colleagues that revealed many are not sure where to start I decided to gather my research in this blog post.[:]

7 Steps to More Secure Pedals
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As everyone playing the pedal harp knows, things can get really busy down there! The accuracy of the piece depends a lot on the accuracy of our feet when executing pedal changes. How do we make sure they know where … Read More

How to avoid getting blisters when playing the harp?
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Playing the harp means a lot of hard work for our bodies. It is often the fingertips which constantly come into direct contact with the instrument that take the toll. However, there are two simple things you can do to … Read More

Hear, feel, see… and memorise the music
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Have you ever thought about your preferred way for memorising music? What comes easiest to you – remembering the melody of the piece? The finger movements? Or perhaps at the end of your practice you realise that the image of … Read More

How to find the time to practise

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I have been teaching many students who started playing the harp as adults. Very soon I noticed that there is one thing they all had in common. While they love music and are very keen to play, they often find … Read More

How to Improve Your Sight Reading
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Sight reading requires a certain shift in our mindset. At the very beginning of our musical education we spend a lot of time learning how to read the notes. Then we do the same when we are learning a new piece … Read More

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