Coffee Break Harp 2 – How to create a practice notebook?
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Did you know that writing goals down makes you much more likely to achieve them? Keeping a practice notebook – or a practice diary – has many more benefits: makes you reflect on how you want to play and in … Read More

Preparing for auditions and recitals
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While practice is something that musicians engage with every day, there may be times when you feel the need to supercharge your practice, perhaps ahead of an important concert, audition or exam. Today I’ll share with you two tips which … Read More

How to find the time to practise

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I have been teaching many students who started playing the harp as adults. Very soon I noticed that there is one thing they all had in common. While they love music and are very keen to play, they often find … Read More

8 Easy Ways to Help Your Child with Practice
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Most children love playing. However, not many enjoy practising, which requires a lot of attention, focus and active learning. Here are some ideas how to make it easier and more fun for them! 1) Instrument at hand Getting going is often hardest … Read More