Why reading music is so hard… and will it ever get easier?! 5 tips to avoid overwhelm

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I’ve been hearing from many harp learners who say that reading music is a big challenge. And when the harp is your first instrument and you’re learning the not-so-very-intuitive playing AND trying to read music at the same time… this challenge can sometimes become overwhelming (and you’ll hear me talk about this more in today’s episode).

If you feel that you’re struggling with reading music on the harp… this episode is for you!

In this video I’m talking about…

  • why learning to read music at the same time as playing the harp is challenging
  • what needs to happen for you to learn music fluently?
  • 5 tips to avoid overwhelm

Let me know in the comments:

what is it that you’re struggling with when reading music on the harp? Do you think you may be trying to do too much? And if so – which of my tips you’re going to try first?

Watch the video

Time stamps for this episode

1:04 Why learning to read music AND play the harp is hard?
1:57 How do you learn to read?
3:26 Why can it be more challenging on the harp?
4:57 Five tips to avoid overwhelm

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