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Zuzanna prowadzi klasę harfy w Fettes College, Radley College i St Edward's School (Oxford). Oferuje także możliwość prywatnych lekcji w Edynburgu. Przyjmuje uczniów w każdym wieku i na każdym poziomie zaawansowania.

Podczas lekcji nie tylko poznajemy zagadnienia gry na instrumencie i teorii muzyki, ale razem wyruszamy w muzyczną podróż, podczas której odkrywamy sposoby na kreatywne ćwiczenie, radość z gry w zespole i drogę do wyrażenia siebie poprzez muzykę.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never played any musical instrument. Can I still learn to play the harp?

Yes! You can learn at any age and regardless of previous musical experience. We will learn the basics of music theory as we go along and progress at your own pace.

What instrument will I need? Do I need to buy a harp?

You do not need to buy a harp when starting - in fact, I advise against it! I believe that you should try out an instrument before committing to a purchase - and for this, you will need some basic playing skills. Therefore I recommend hiring a harp when you start your lessons.

There are many harp manufacturers offering instruments for hire. The cost of monthly hire varies between £25 and £60 and most retailers offer deducting the costs of hiring a harp when you decide to buy a new one from them.

A 34 string lever harp is the most typical instrument on offer, and it can serve you for many months or even years!

Do I have to bring a harp with me for a lesson?

No! I have both a clarsach (a smaller harp with levers) and a pedal harp which you are welcome to use during lessons at my studio. However, you will need your own instrument to practise on between the lessons to make sure you make a good progress!

Where will the lessons take place?

At my home in Edinburgh (Slateford, EH11). For most satisfying progress I recommend attending the lessons in person, however online sessions are also possible.

What days and times can you offer?

I teach from Monday to Friday between 2:00 and 8:00 pm.

Due to the large number of students with varying schedules and my own performing commitments I may not be able to offer you exactly the same day and time every week, but I will do my best to offer you a time that suits you. Please enquire if you have a specific day or time in mind.

How much do you charge for lessons?

A 60-minute lesson costs £40. If you cannot afford weekly lessons but would still love to play the harp, do get in touch and we will discuss together to find the best solution for your budget.

When is the good age for a child to start?

This depends on the kind of attention span your child has, their height and general coordination of movements. Children between 6 and 8 years old usually can focus for longer periods of time and enjoy their lessons, their fingers are also strong enough to maintain good position at an instrument. With younger children I suggest starting piano lessons first as an introduction to music, since this instrument also requires performing movements in both hands independently, yet is slightly less technically challenging.

How do you teach?

You can have a peek on how I teach through my new series of live videos for beginners and intermediate players.

Is there anything else I should know before I start?

To find out more about playing the harp, have a look at the Resources page where you will find out more about the instrument, planning practice, supporting your child's progress, taking care of the fingers, tuning the harp. Make sure you also check out my new ebook Discover the Harp where you will find plenty of useful tips on preparing for harp lessons.


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Zuzanna is a very kind and patient teacher. She not only teaches my daughter playing but also tuning the harp. And she always sends us some practical learning resources. My daughter is really enjoying learning with her.

Ping, pupil's parent


I love learning from Zuzanna. Her teaching style is calm and creative and she works with her students to make sure each of them gets what they want out of their harp lessons.

Rachael, adult beginner


Zuzanna taught my daughter harp until her move to Edinburgh. My daughter made great progress with her. She is a lovely person who it is a pleasure to work with. She goes the extra mile for her pupils!

Heather, pupil's parent


Zuzanna is a brilliant teacher. She helped me learn harp as an absolute beginner, and ensured that I enjoy my lessons too. She’s very organised and helpful. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a great music teacher!

Brenna, adult beginner

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