Live no 6: “Skaters” by Fiona Clifton-Welker

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Today I’d like to ask you about the future of the series and whether we should…

keep it as presentation of pieces (one per live) or focus on one single aspect of harp playing (with exercises and examples of pieces) with a practice recipe for a week?
keep the Lives on the Fapage or set up a closed group?

About the piece
the range
the difficulty level
about the book, which you can buy here

Music (from 7’20”)

how the music is organised on the page and how it can help you
– left hand pattern(s)
– right hand melody and why should you count out loud when practising it on its own

hands together
– where to start if you’re doing this for the first time
– ways to practise putting hands together without actually playing
putting hands together, line by line
how noticing small details in finger movements will help when you have to “jump” around

once you are familiar with the whole piece:
– where to start your practice
– how to put bigger sections together

why you should learn this piece

Series of mini-lessons for beginner and intermediate harpists

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