Live no 2: “Moonlight” by Susann McDonald

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In the 2nd episode (live on 3rd May 2019) you will hear me talking about…

last week’s episode and where to find previous episodes

how can you learn to read music faster

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The piece of the day
– how long do you need to learn to be able to play it?
– what is the range and what kind of harp do you need to have ?


the first thing you need to do when learning a new piece

potential difficulties in middle section
– practising right hand glissandi/glissandos
– the “eight” shape
– practising left hand placing
– what to watch out for when joining hands together

challenges when learning the beginning
– helpful colours
– can you play this piece with just two fingers?

Then, sadly, there’s a bit where the connection went down… but we managed to connect again and you’ll hear…

how playing on the pedal harp makes this piece different

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