Discover the Harp: results

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Thank you and HUGE congratulations to everyone who entered! Each entry was truly special and all of you put a lot of personal thought into your posts. I could see a lot of affection and love for harp and music and I am sure that even if this time you were not among the winners, you will all find your way of expressing these feelings and make music. Each of the entrants will receive a short personal message from me in a form of video, so please check your inboxes (possibly the folder called "Other" and message requests).


The three prospective students who will be offered a free trial lesson are:




Dear Zuzanna!

I always wanted to play the harp. When I was five years old, I tried to make a harp out of wool wood and sticks, but of course it didn't work. The harp music is such a magic that then I see myself playing the harp, I imagine being a hero of my favourite fairytales! It would be a honour if I win this competition! Zuzanna, I really want to play the harp!!!:)



Sophie Pershin



Congratulations to you all and remember to check your inboxes for the information about the lessons!